Global Precision Industries, Inc. can make your concept a reality.

We engineer the way parts look. We engineer the way parts perform. We engineer the way parts are produced.

At Global Precision Industries, Inc., we are experts in engineered for manufacturing (EFM). Our team of industrial designers and engineers develop designs and specifications that optimize function, value and appearance of a part or product, while ensuring efficient and effective production.

Global Precision Industries, Inc. can enable every aspect of the product development cycle, from concept to prototyping to production. Our talented professionals apply progressive thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, engineering science, production knowledge, and the ability to take advantage of the best development methods. This approach leads to innovative solutions that save our clients time, money and headaches.

Engineering– Our engineers utilize advanced 3D software, computer-aided industrial engineering (CAE) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs to move seamlessly from concept to production. Characteristics specified by our team may include the overall form of the object, its shape and location of details, materials, colors and textures, as well as aspects concerning its ergonomic functionality. We deliver complete detailed technical drawings, as well as production specifications that guide the manufacturing process.

Prototyping – Global Precision Industries, Inc. can also create 3D prototypes that provide a photorealistic visualization of your part. We can quickly produce alpha prototypes, to demonstrate the form of a part, or to provide a scaled-down model of large and complex machinery. We can also produce a fully-functional prototypes may be needed to demonstrate form, fit and function. Our engineers can also verify that a prototype accurately reflects the scope of your patent claim, if the prototype is to be used in marketing or for commercialization with licensing targets.

Technical Support – Global Precision Industries, Inc.’s services are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Beyond industrial design and engineering, we can provide technical support, as well as manufacturing and logistics, to ensure the desired end result is achieved. During the collaboration process, you can also rely on our project engineers to begin to expedite and develop the manufacturing process from among our trusted network of manufacturers. This process will produce your product to meet the quality, time-to-market, and value you need.

Your single-source solution to bring your concept to reality.