Global Precision Industries, Inc. excels with innovative solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs. By outsourcing metal die casting engineering and manufacturing to Global Precision Industries, you will be able to meet time and cost challenges while attaining the best possible quality casting die.

Our highly experienced die engineers can assist with prototyping, product development, tool development, and analysis, to ensure die optimization. Our project engineers can then source the right die manufacturer from among our extensive network of proven resources, and manage logistics to ensure on-time delivery.

Metal Casting Dies

A well-designed die is crucial, as it enables your part to cast properly. A well-designed die can also produce piece parts that offer better casting integrity with minimum porosity. This can save steps in the final machining and processing of the end product, translating into cost savings on your cast product. We develop dies with those factors in mind.

Our engineers utilize advanced CAD design and analysis systems, including SolidWorks, Vero International, Pro-E, Visi, Unigraphics, Catia, Magma, Cimatron, and Flow 3D, to streamline the development process and devise innovative but practical die making solutions. Globally, we can read, translate, import, and export most any files from your existing CAD data, or simply develop models from sketches, prototype samples, concepts or existing tooling.

All die engineering is done in complete 3D solid models, which are amazing aids for visualization during the die design process. Customers see the design quickly develop as we regularly conduct collaborative web-based online review meetings during the mold development process. This process significantly accelerates the completion time on a project and allows our customers increased speed-to-market over conventional sourcing initiatives. Our customers can be confident that all metal die casting dies will retrofit with their existing equipment and processes, allowing smooth transition for new and existing projects.

The quality of our designs result in bona fide cost savings during the die cast die construction and casting processes. Combined with our many years of mold design expertise, we follow strict mold design guidelines to maintain uniform wall thickness throughout the part, minimizing shot weight. We concurrently analyze all facets of die functionality, casting porosity and piece part integrity, with processing parameters of your equipment. This process consistently delivers the highest level of casting integrity, reduction of material costs, shorter cycle times, and reduced machining operations on your casting, providing you the optimum piece part value.

Die Manufacturing

At Global Precision, our dedicated project engineers are experts at all aspects of sourcing and overseeing metal die casting die manufacturing, including sampling of dies, with complete CMM validating of the end product.

We utilize our proven global network of reliable metal die casting die manufacturers. These craftsmen can produce the necessary quality tooling — from simple to complex, and from miniscule to massive — within the project budget and time frame. Our project engineers are on the ground working closely with the die manufacturer to ensure that the tool meets the exact design specifications.